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Natta K.

Autodesk Flame Artist

"Flawless skin 

Yummy food 

Bright sky 

White teeth

Outstanding product pack,

all you need is here!"


Natta Kantabussabong

Online Artist

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Natta Kantabussabong
Flame Artist based in Bangkok, Thailand

Specializing in Video retouching, focus on skin, removing unwanted object, replacing sky, cleaning up things in shot, impressing your client with logo and product pack replacement.


From short friendship video editor 10 years ago during high school, to a Video Editor, to a Motion Graphic Designer, Natta becomes a Flame Artist at the present.

Natta never stops learning and challenging herself. Working on her way is showing that, a good piece of work is not only a hard of work, but also from the smart work.

The happiest moment of Natta is when she uses the Flame to achieve the impossible to possible works, and everyone is happy about the final results.

Contact: natta.gif@gmail.com

Call : 091 89191 46

Line : nattanatta

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If you want to impresss your client,

you are in the right place ;)


Natta Kantabussabong

Online Artist


   online booking   

Online session
working hours : 10.00 - 20.00 
Online artist อย่างเดียว ไม่รวมค่าห้อง
Online session
10 hr
contact us

Overtime fee 3,000/ hr

*Cancellation Policy : Require 7 days cancellation notice prior to scheduled date,
otherwise cancellation fee will be charged at 50% of total price.

*เงื่อนไขการยกเลิกคิว : ไม่คิดค่าใช้จ่ายเมื่อยกเลิกคิวก่อนถึงวันทำงาน 7 วัน,

ยกเลิกคิวกระชั้นชิดน้อยกว่า 7 วัน คิดค่ายกเลิก 50% ของราคาทั้งหมด

RETOUCH VIDEO : Remote working
ส่งงานผ่าน Internet  
retouch, paint, beauty : Start at 5,000 per shots / remote working
Remote working : Beauty Shot
1 hr
contact us
Retouch Food and beverage shots.
Remote working : Food Shot
1 hr
contact us

*Free Cancellation


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